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Gift wrapping is a good addition to the gift. Gift wrapping will complete the image and will make the gift more presentable made in one style with the good. It will also help to keep the appearance and state of the photo album or notebook for a long time, because it can be used as a box. We could make a gift inscription at your choice. We take into account the size of the gift, and so gift wrapping will perfectly suit the gift itself.If the gift is fragile, a special lodgment will be provided inside of the box. We will take into account all your wishes on color, materials and decorative elements of the gifting box.

Large velvet gift box

4 500,00 ₽Цена
  • This box is made for a set of photo album and notebook.

    The size of the box is 34x27x10 cm

    - The base of the box is made from binding cardboard

    - The outer part is covered with velvet, the sidewalls are covered with taffeta, lodgement is decorated with satin.