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The embossing with Slavic symbols from the sacred language of the Aryans Sanskrit. The translation for word “Svarog” is “walking in the sky”. In the old Times they denoted with it the Sun’s day journey
in the sky (zodiac). Then they started to use it as the sky in general, the heaven light.

In other words, the son of Rod is the God Svarog – the Holly Father. Sometimes he was called simply the God.

On the cover, we made the volumetric embossing on the customer's sketch.

Family photo album "Svarog"

18 500,00 ₽Цена
  • This family photo album is made on a by-order basis.

    Тиснение со славянской символикой

    "Со священного языка арийцев санскрита, слово "Сварог" переводится как "ходящий по небу". В давние времена им обозначали дневной путь солнца по небу, потом им стали называть небо вообще, небесный свет. Иными словами, сын Рода бог Сварог - это Отец Небесный. Иногда его называли просто Бог."



    - The size of the photo album is 25x30 cm.

    - Full leather binding. Real leather of brown color.

    - На обложке мы сделали объемное тиснение по эскизу заказчика.


    - 40 sheets of designer paper beige color interchange with sheets of thin tracing paper.

    - This album will fit 240 photos in 10x15 cm size.


    - For attaching the pictures you can use transparent self-adhesive corners or double-sided adhesive tape.

    - There is 16x21 cm pocket for storing pictures and letters at the end of the album.



    The price of the gift box is calculated separately.

    You can order any type of photo albums for all occasions - children's album, wedding or travel album, as well as format, color of the photo album and the number of sheets may be at your choice!