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Ladies' Diary. There are clothes that you put on, and you feel playful and flirtatious. There are clothes in which you feel like a business lady who’s able at a glance to settle the most difficult business issues.

And there are goods that you take in your hands and seem to be carried by a time machine in the Renaissance era! Exactly that feeling gives your Ladies’ Diary.

You hold it in your hands and the posture changes involuntarily, the movements become smoother, and the glare appears in the glance.

It seems like to make a curtsey and curtsy is in your blood. Such a single detail could change the whole attitude.

The Ladies' Diary of a noble person can create such wonders of reincarnation, emphasizing impeccable taste and exquisite style.

At this moment you realize that your secrets are framed by a beautiful binding, and these pages can be trusted with cherished dreams and shared with personal thoughts.

Ladies' Diary "Noble person"

5 300,00 ₽Цена
  • - Full leather binding. Real leather of dark brown color.

    - There is a metal decorative element in the center of the cover.

    - 130 sheets of ivory color.
    - The album block is hand-sewed by hand.
    - On the title page - the inscription "DIARY".
    - На некоторых страницах напечатаны изображения дам, цветочных веточек и прочие интересные изображения.

    - The fly-leaves are decorated with Designer paper.

    - Satin ribbon-bookmark will help quickly find the right page.


    Extra gift box for the notebook is available to order.
    We will be happy to make you a notebook at your choice with any size, color and with any number of pages.