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Have you been looking for a special notebook for a while, but have not found anything you’d like? We are ready to help your ideas to come true and create a notebook of your dreams! The number of sheets, their color, design, and size - everything will be done in accordance with your wishes. Our task is to make a notebook that will complete your image, whether it is an outstanding creative person or a business style. Let’s make notebook that will help you to work, that will become your pleasant companion to take in trips and write down your thoughts and notes.

Notebook for writing poems" Lyrics "

6 900,00 ₽Цена

    This notebook is made on a by-order basis.


    - Full leather binding. Real leather of gray color.


    - 130 designer sheets of ivory color.
    - There are owner's initials printed on each page of the notebook.
    - On the title page there is an inscription "Every day on the line".
    - Metal plate with laser engraving.

    - Leather hood with a secret magnet.

    - Satin ribbon-bookmark will help quickly find the right page.

    Extra gift box for the notebook is available to order. 


    We will be happy to make you a notebook at your choice with any size, color and with any number of pages.