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Personalized notebook will complete your style and image, it will become a reliable assistant for the preservation of thoughts, ideas and notes. Individual design and use of high-quality materials of the notebook will bring space for self-expression in your life full of bright events.

A classic personalized notebook is one of the best solutions for a gift. Gifting such a notebook you would underline your sincere attitude and present a pleasant and useful gift.

Notebook "Magic"

4 900,00 ₽Цена

    This notebook is made on a by-order basis.



    - The cover is made of 2.5 mm thick binding carton, covered with Vologda linen. Fleece is laid between linen and carton for softness.
    -200 aged coffee sheets.

    - There is a metal frame with initials in the center of the cover.

    - The fly-leaves are glue over with Scrapbooking paper.

    - Satin ribbon-bookmark with a suspension will help quickly find the right page.


    Extra gift box for the notebook is available to order. 


    We will be happy to make you a notebook at your choice with any size, color and with any number of pages.