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One day somewhere in January we’ve got a phone call.

- Good day, my name is Tamara and I would like to order a photo album from you. (It was a nice female voice with a small accent)

- Hello, my name is Svetlana and we will make a photo album with pleasure for you. Do you have any special wishes?

- Yes, I already despaired what I really need here in Germany, and only after online search, I finally found your works in Russian. I was impressed by a strict restrained style, standing out against the general background.

- Thank you, it's a pleasure to hear sucha feedback! Would you like to make a photo album as a present?

- Exactly, I need a perfect photo album, as it is a gift to the 70-anniversary of the countess, and she has very selective taste.

That was such a surprise for us, we never have experienced yet. The present for a titled person was sent to Munich in time, after we discussed all the details and made it all carefully in brown tones with crocodile skin.Gift box was issued with velvet of emerald color.

Photo Album "Countess"

27 900,00 ₽Цена
  • - The size of the photo album is 25x30 cm.
    - Full leather binding. Real leather of  brown color. 
    - 50 sheets of designer paper beige color interchange with sheets of thin tracing paper.
    - The album block is hand-sewed with Coptic method and securely glued, which allows the photo album to be expanded 180 degrees.
     - This album will fit 300 photos in 10x15 cm size.
    - There is a metal frame with name in the center of the cover. 
    - The fly-leaves are glue over with Florentine paper
    - For attaching the pictures you can use transparent self-adhesive corners or double-sided adhesive tape.
    You can order any type of photo albums for all occasions - children's album, wedding or travel album, as well as format, color of the photo album and the number of sheets may be at your choice.
    The price of the gift box is calculated separately.