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The Recipe Book is the keeper of family traditions. To surprise guests with your own culinary masterpieces will be easier, because recipes will be collected in one place. Of course your grandmother will share her own recipe of lush and fabulously delicious pies, and how she salts cucumbers, so that they would crunch appetizingly. Most likely, your mother has her own secrets of cooking tasty and rich borscht, that even the biggest giants require additives!

And your children will be happy to receive as a gift such a culinary book, which you can carefully fill out for them and preserve it.

Recipe Book

6 900,00 ₽Цена

    This Recipe book is made on a by-order basis.


    - Full leather binding. Real leather of beautiful lavender color.

    - 173 designer sheets of ivory color.

    - 5 thematic dividers of thick paper.

    - The book block is hand-sewed and glued.
    - On the pages there is a printout, inscriptions "Name of dish, Ingredients, Method of preparation".
    - The fly-leaves are decorated with paper with thematic drawings.

    - Satin ribbon-bookmark will help quickly find the right page.